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with all my new upgrades to the Kraton 6s v.4, I feel I need upgraded shock springs front and rear due to the extra weight. Anyone have suggestions and links for the front and rear 85mm, 95mm. Thanks for the help


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Stock weight without battery is 10lbs, 11oz. What upgrades did you do to increase your weight drastically enough?
Usually shock preload and oil thickening can achieve firm enough dampening/shock pack. The v4 springs I believe are the firmest of all versions Arrma offered. And even used on the EXB roller. My Kraton is stilll using stock springs with much alloy upgrades but still stock chassis. And only running a 6s setup. You running 8S??
85mm springs are 6.2 pound springs. 95mm springs are 5. pounds. Try adjusting droop to get more shock travel. Adjust shock preload.( tensioning springs more) Thicken your oil (increases shock pack) in addition to using a set of smaller holed (front) shock pistons in the rear shocks. There should be an extra set of shock pistons and also blank pistons to custom drill out that were included with the Kraton. I did this.
I never looked into or felt I needed stiffer spring replacements. I don't see any stiffer springs that Arrma offers.:cool:

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