Supsension Problems Arrma Raider BLX 1:10

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Hey there !
After another drive with my Arrma today i noticed that the rear suspension sounds wierd when not under pressure. This can happen when jumping or lifting of from the ground. It seems that the dogbones are not long enough so the thing that turns the wheels hits the suspension plastic when all down. To show you what i mean i made a Video about my problem , so you'll hopefully understand what i mean. Besides that i'm so happy with my Arrma Car. One of the best RC's i've ever bought so far ...

Thanks for you help !

Maybe try checking that the o-rings in the axle cups are not worn down and/or add some additional o-rings or other material as a spacer to keep the dogbone more towards the center of the axle cups (ie... more towards the center of the car and less towards the tire). That may help to prevent the dogbone shaft from catching on the end of the axle cup.

You can also put a spacer inside the shock to limit extension. You shouldn't have to do that on stock shocks... but it's another way to limit the downward extension which as you show in the video seems to be when you have the weird sounds.

Also, check your bearing and wheel nuts and wheel hexes to be sure everything is tight and not worn.
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