swampies new but used toy

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swampies new but used toy


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Got my hands on a preowned Apache C1.
Thing was abused very badly but it survived as i assumed. i owned this very buggy a few years ago. Thing is nearly bombproof its built so well by HPI.

Love this thing!!
Rebuilt all 3 diffs
Stripped chassis down and cleaned it as i was doing the diffs.

Wheel bearings still need to be rebuilt.
The ESC was fried so i installed a spare Qbase i had kickin around for now. Just needs another Deans soldered on for the 2nd Lipo. And it just needs to be reprgrammed.

Cant wait to get it fired up but it will dawn new boots & rims soon aswel as alloy shocks i have on hand.

Payed 200.00 used for this C1


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