Outcast Sweep Terrain Crusher tire issues?

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Hey everyone, has anyone had issues with Sweep tires, I just received my Terrain Crushers yesterday evening and they're starting to wear on the outer tread?

This was with a mix of off-road (dirt, grass) and some street).

This is after 4 runs? The stock tires still look new lol.


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That is odd.
I have no experience with any of the Crushers, but they are a medium compound from what I gather.
What's even more odd is the fact you are getting wear on the outer edge.
The Outcast in its default arrangement has a fair amount of negative camber on the front tires, and a slight amount of negative camber at the back.
As such, it would stand to reason that any wear (premature or otherwise) - would gravitate towards the inner edge.
When your truck is at rest, and you look at head on, are the tops of the wheels focused inwards?
In a zero camber situation under hard cornering and on a hard (asphalt) surface, you might get some wear...but even at that - 4 runs on new rubber should not have that significant of an impact.
I get that same wear....but I've run mine in Nero and not Outcast. I thought it was from power slides and the weight, also maybe from a little bit of off road.
I was thinking about buying the Crushers...but in light of this, I may pass.
Given the cost of four new boots...I would expect reasonable lifespan...which seemingly these do not have!!
Yeah I am actually disappointed in these tires. I should have ordered Duratrax tires instead or Prolines.
I don't use them as everyday tires, only speed applications. Blew apart a brand new Minokawa last week when I should have neen using Sweeps....but a luxury item.

Use when ballooning is an issue
I was thinking about buying the Crushers...but in light of this, I may pass.
Given the cost of four new boots...I would expect reasonable lifespan...which seemingly these do not have!!

I have a set of these tires and I regret buying them. I have run them once and it was in the grass and about 5 mins on the street and they look the same as lenix tires. They look great but for the price I would expect more durability. Save your money unless you want to use them for a shelf queen....lol
Good to know all of this...saves me my hard earned cash.
I will definitely be looking at Duratrax or Proline...they were on my radar to begin with, but I liked the look of the Crushers and the fact they were belted.
Ive used the Duratrax tires before, they do balloon....but they are very durable and last a long time with no abnormal wear like these Sweep tires.

I rather have ballooning then have abnormal tire wear especially at the price point they are sold at.
Just running the SRCs. Cleaning up and noticed tear on inside wall. They haven't had that much use. This is how I mainly use them now...BTW Minokawa blowout caused wteck @55mph.

Will contact SRC tomorrow. Interesting to see if they do anything.

I contacted Sweep 2 days ago about the abnormal wear. Was told to send them pics, still haven't heard back from them.

Wont be buying tires from them anymore.
Is Sweep a new company to the RC scene?
I'm pretty blown away by what I'm seeing/reading...I will never buy this brand!!!
I bought a set of the terrain trenches. Bad investment!! Poor traction, and they put a beating on the suspension. Arrma backflips are the best tires I have tried. I put them on all my trucks.
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