Talion Talion after Memorial Weekend bashing 2015

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So my Talion held up awesome over the memorial weekend of bashing it. I only had one break and that was on the body by the rear body mounts. I flipped the Talion took it off a jump and landed it hard upside down as you'll see in the pics i tried a cheap and easy fix but it's not working as intended. so now i have a proline bulldog body on the way and i'll see about making that work. The scary part of it is the car came out cleaner after the bashing then it went into it. I didn't even clean it up.

2015-05-24 23.47.36.jpg

2015-05-24 23.47.51.jpg

2015-05-24 23.48.23.jpg

2015-05-24 23.49.55.jpg
Fronts: ~4 5/8" Shock Height
Rears: ~5 1/2" Shock Height

Shock spread on body

Front: ~ 2 1/4"
Rear: ~ 2 1/2"

I can't get you metric atm because i am unable to find my metric tape measure. found my regular household one so the measurements aren't perfect was a tight fit trying to use a carpenters measure without taking everything apart.
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