Talion Talion braking issue?

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Weird issue arose today. I just got my Talion popped in 4s and it all worked nicely except the top end was horrible.
I swapped out the gear with the one provided and went for a test drive, here is the weird part.
When I let off the throttle it seems to be applying full brakes to all 4 tires?

Did the radio or settings get changed all by them selves? Or should I be looking at the drive-train somewhere.
I do know the stock pinion gear was on insanely tight even with the grub screw taken all the way out it took quite a bit of work to get it off, the new one slid right on.
Ok just checked it out a bit more, it seemed to be a gear mesh issue of all things. I loosed it up and it goes allot better BUT is it me or what. This esc seems to have drag brake in it because it wont roll out freely after let off, it slows very quickly.
I'm pretty sure you can turn off the drag brake. The manual tells you how.
It was all mesh, it's now fixed. BigSplit there is no drag brake configuration, it is just brake power.
Looks like I will ditch this esc for a Hobbywing EZRun Max8 V3
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I was thinking of the granite manual not the Talion.
It was indeed a gear mesh issue. After a full day of running on 4 and 6s I have only 3 beefs.
The stock tires, the ESC, the battery tray.

The esc is subject to brown out's I don't think the built in BEC is up to par as well as the very limited options on tuning. It will just lose power in cornering or slightly after at speed, you can actually hear the ESC fan slowing down when you just pick the thing up or move it slightly.
I will be swapping this out right away with a EZRUN MAX8 V3 and LCD box.

To solve the small battery tray issue I just ordered another tray and it will sit on top of the stacked batteries to hold them in place.
I don't run anything smaller than 5000mah.
With the batt issues . I just stacked my batt and industrial velcrowed them together. It works with hard case batts. On soft pack the batt inturnal will slide out at h8gh speed braking. I had to batt fall out the case
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