Talion Talion - Front and Rear Bumpers

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So I found my next upgrade for my Talion and while I eagerly await their arrival I figured I would share the info and links

T-bone Racing offers both a Front and Rear bumper for the Talion and knowing how I drive i figured i would share the links. I'm sure other bumpers are out there or will be out there soon but these are the best looking options I have found so far

They are very similar to the Kraton options and i wouldn't be surprised if they are interchangeable but why take a risk when order and just get the correct ones right away in fact if your observant you'll notice the rear one is the same image as used on the Kraton one but they changed the part number.

Front Part # 10019

Rear Part # 10020
I have no doubt you're going to like those bumpers. I've had several T-Bone Racing bumpers and skid plates for number of my RC's and have been very pleased with them. In fact you just reminded me I need to buy a set for my son's Stampede and my 4x4 Stampede!
yes, im sure that you will like them. I have some for my evader, and they are sweeeeet
+1 TBR bumpers are the best on the market. I've broken a couple RPM bumpers but my T-Bones are still holding strong.
And Bumpers installed. I am officially ready for Saturdays Bash party with some of my buddies. I will try and snag some pictures of the Talion with all the changes tomorrow before I abuse it a bit.
the t-bone bumpers are great we put the bumper and wheelie on the talion and my son has had a few massive crashes with no damage!
Agreed - the quality of the bumpers from T-Bone Racing are superb. This was the first upgrade for my Talion.
Im bout to order the wheelie bar and front bumper. Does the front bumper have any weight to it? Trying to weight down the front
From what a remember when I put them on, the weight was minimal. I'd recommend sending T-Bone Racing an email and asking the specs. From what I understand, they're fairly quick to respond.
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