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Arrma RC's
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anybody know where to some replacement front shocks for the talion?
You might be interested into the DEX8T shocks from Team Durango which is the Racing counterpart to Arrma products.
I struggled to get Arrma or DEX8T shocks (or any parts for the DEX8T, for that matter), so I invested in some Tekno ET48.3 shocks. These shocks have 4mm shafts (vs. the stock 3.5mm), a super-smooth action and have parts support.

I written this in a few other posts - Dollar Hobbyz have the Tekno ET48.3 shocks available as a full kit (shocks, bodies, caps, shafts, seals, springs, cap bushings, etc.), for $35-40*:

Front: https://www.dollarhobbyz.com/products/tekno-1-8-et48-3-front-shocks-springs
Rear: https://www.dollarhobbyz.com/products/tekno-1-8-et48-3-rear-shocks-springs

Stand-offs: Tekno TKR5027 (2pcs) for the standard ET48.3 part or TKR8027 for the extended 'option' part.

Seriously, consider them. I'm one of a few that have made the leap and not regretted it.
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