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Spent about a month watching videos, and different online reviews. Timing was right, work out the numbers and finally did it.

Ordered it on Saturday, arrived today Tuesday, UPS shipping.


*** The controller is in the picture to have an idea of the size of the box.




The truggy is lighter than I thought, feels very balanced and of very solid construction. At first glance, just overall, looks like a very solid ARR (no, this is not RTR, no lipo or charger, don't care what others say).
New and shiny! I am jealous. These are deceivingly light for their size. Explains why they can make the big jumps that they do without a lot of damage; not that much mass upon impact with the ground upon landing. Plus, they look cool too. Congratulations and have fun!
Always fun opening that shiny new Arrma!!! It's like Christmas all over. Almost hate to get it dirty.LOL
To make it worst ARRMA's response on the wheels/tires out of round...
(From ARRMA / Hobbico, Justin J.)
The amount of wobble you are experiencing is normal for an off road wheel and
tires set. They are within the safe operating parameters.

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Same exact thing with wheels here,same response. I am going to run mine tomorrow, been waiting most of winter season,shimmed diff's,servo mount , guard's an shock covers, bumpers,fan. Got Hoboa dish ,zero offset with pins from hyper SS truggy and some src's too. Starting with 15 tooth ,6s 5000mah 45c .
I ran mine on two 3S 4400mah 65-130c, and its ridiculous on deans, connectors and cables with no sign of heat. The batteries a little warm, but its normal.
On mine swapped the front and rear sway bars, installed lighter ones because the truggy felt too stiff all around, and went from 13T to 15T.

Found copper wire from old airsoft system, and coiled them around the blx motor and a 540 heat sink, stays cool to the touch.

Currently I have all three battery types; 4S, 5S, and 6S, its just depends on the surface and what I am looking for when driving.

If there is lots of twists and turns, and bumpy, its much better to run on 4S, and can have better lap times than on 6S.



* copper line and a buck fifty heat sink. Just opened a claim to send the crappy Castle Creations shroud.

* Installed one of those kitchen pads as a filter, prevents small pebbles, dust from clogging the fan. Waterproof the servo, gave it a clear lacquer coat to the electronic board, and outside of servo. Rubber spacers on both sides for vibration. Did the same on the rx, dipped in clear lacquer, and internal housing filled w air filter foam to absorb any shocks.

* Its noticeable, top is the one installed vs bottom one which is stock.

* sway bar installed
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Changed tires to SRC road sweep's,better acelration, handles like Indy car on road.awesome front Street runner,well grind up d-boots for on/off running.save dish pins for tracking some time.
Is this your first RC?

Is English your first language?

You know, there is no need to add a picture of your truggy on every reply. One can see it as your avatar. I find it ridiculous, its just my opinion, to drive a truck on the road. Same as having a Indy car off road. It has never attracted me at all, those YT videos making high speed passes on asphalt for all to see how fast it goes, I find them silly. To each its own.

The reason why I got my 1/8th and 1/12 on-road cars. Its a complete different ball game. Slapping some wheels is just a very minimal aspect of on-road driving. On 1/8th on-road the whole body is a wing, speed is what keeps it on the ground at 70 / 80 miles per hour on a .21 mill burning 30% nitro fuel on a dual chamber pipe.

Am glad you are happy w your truggy and enjoy it so far, thats what is all about, if it makes you happy, or whatever each person pursues in this hobby, more power to you.

* the rear shocks w softer longer springs, major improvement when turning and coming out of the turn, or punching it out of the hole.

** For the wheels, sealed the inner holes to make the tires waterproof, and burned two holes on the outside of the tire, opposite ends, to help the air go out and minimize ballooning.


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Good to hear. It just sometimes you sound too excited as if you just started in RC, thats my perception.

I drive mine in a bashing spot near my house, it has grassy flat sections, a few rollin hills, some dirt area and a clean straightway.

For those all out days I break out the 1/5th scale and on into a public school field;


or this one for when I am in jump mode mood.
HOBBICO got back to me and stated they were going to send me the pinion and spur gear, and this is what I received.


** A MUCHMORE RACING 12T pinion gear!!!!!
The Talion out of the box is a 13T (and spare 15T), and they did not have the decency to at least send me ARRMA brand pinion gear. The bag coloring is worn out, its obvious its old stock from the left over parts bin.
Did not send me the spur gear which also is damaged, luckily I bought one through Ebay with 2nd day delivery, or else I would have been stranded all along.
** Communication is terrible, without saying a word, they simply shipped out, and no information with what was the resolution or any additional questions about the case.
Then, Tower Hobbies contacted me and stated I was going to receive the tires and wheels, and nothing as well.

Its a circus between all of them, passing along this case and brushing it off as quickly as they can without any commitment to provide BASIC customer service.

Here is their response from Hobbico (Justin)...

Hello again,

I sent you a pinion gear that would work for you truck. I can place you on back
order for the additional months it would take for the stock pinion to come in
if you would like however this was a quicker solution. Also I sent the pinion
as a customer service there was nothing visibly wrong with the spur gear you
sent a picture of so I did not include it in your order. Arrma has a two year
limited warranty on its electronics and it does not cover crash damage or wear
and tear parts. I have done my best to assist you with the means that I have at
my disposal but again I would suggest calling into the product support line and
voicing any further concerns you have concerning this vehicle. I apologize for
any inconveniences this has caused you.

Case resolution: (Previous Email)

Hobbico is on back order for a 13T pinion, really?
They sent some cheap brand 12T they found in their old stock garbage bin that nobody wants, or cant sell.
After he promised to send both items, he now backs out and states the spur gear is fine. The video I sent them, mysteriously was lost during the case handling.

That does not seem to me normal wear for a week old spur gear. The teeth are excessively worn out, the metal on this rig must be old stock or bad alloy in production. I might just pack it up and send the whole truck back to Tower Hobbies.
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1st broke an ground up spur,2runs later I get hung up an need reverse /forward an then the Robinson pinion takes out spur? Had hot racing housing went back to stock diff housing. Still using HR stand off. Need to run an see how long things last. Gear mesh seems to be a hair tighter in one area.time well tell.

1st broke an ground up spur,2runs later I get hung up an need reverse /forward an then the Robinson pinion takes out spur? Had hot racing housing went back to stock diff housing. Still using HR stand off. Need to run an see how long things last. Gear mesh seems to be a hair tighter in one area.time well tell.
Ran again with 15t pinion after rebuild an ran good 20 min an pinion slid off, stopped right away.probably not going for 17t pinion, haven't run 15t successful enough yet.
I replied in your other thread about the solution. Mine happened again and again, no more until a notch was made on the motor shaft, just enough for the pinion nut to grab on.

Following up on HOBBICO warranty drama, it was a happy ending after all.
Contacted Tower Hobbies, and complained to them about Hobbico/ARRMA poor customer service.

I don't want to go into the details, as it can lend itself for others to abuse the system, but it was a more than fair resolution.
There are its bad apples in every company, I am pretty sure the guy I dealt with is no longer working for them. I am happy with the final outcome of the claim, and my ARRMA Talion is back in business, and ready for some good bashing this weekend.

Yupper,I have done that notch in the shaft thing with boats, giving red locker a try 1st. I use heat when I got to break it lose. Just ran 20 min an held up,iam keeping fingers crossed. Not sure about going 17 tooth pinion,easy to run out of room.
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