Talion X2 - Twin Brushless Build

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Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia
Arrma RC's
  1. Nero
  2. Senton 6s
  3. Talion
Started this build back in April last year and have now finished. Had a shakedown run a few weeks ago to make sure all was working as it should and it worked great. Last thing was to clean up the wiring and find a decent receiver box. That's now done and hope to soon take her out and see what she can do!

All diffs shimmed - thanks to Thomas Pettersson's videos on YouTube
50k f / 1M mid / 10k r
Axial Yeti XL shocks and 60Wt all around.....have reverted back to standard but 2 set of springs per shock
CVDs front and rear
Savox SA-1283SG
V1 Kraton wheel hexs
Actobotics servo plate and Axial aluminum standoffs
DE Racing Mud Guards RC8T / RC8T CE
Hobbywing Quicrun 150a ESC x2
Leopard Hobby 4082 1600KV x2
Novak 23t pinion gears.....Stock 50t spur
Plaig bearing kit
Dual motor mount was made by Michael Meyer
94mm turnbuckles for wing brace/support
Running Turnigy Nano-Tech 2650mah 6S 45~90C x2 for now
Motor mount is in center of chassis, not slightly off-set.
Center drive shafts/dogbones swapped front to rear.....did this in order to put as much weight to the rear of the car to compensate for the weight and position of the battery.
Car is 670 grams or 1.48 lbs heavier than a stock Talion
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I've not seen that dual motor mount before, thanks for sharing @Morey92

This motor mount was made specifically for this project. I knew from the beginning how l wanted the motor mount made/designed as l had already designed my own chassis. It was just a case of finding a machinist to do it for a price l was willing to pay. Cheapest price here in Australia was more than twice what l ended up paying for it from Germany.

Would love to see a vid of this running.
Hopefully l get time and the weather is good over this weekend to be able to run it. Any video i do won't be great but l'll try to capture something.

What kind of speed are you expecting?
Didn't really build it with a top speed goal in mind. Just wanted a torque monster and to build something unique, and wanted a technical challenge. Have had a few people say "this motor would of been equal in power and/or speed of both of them so why didn't you do that" or words to that effect. Swapping a motor is not a challenge.......this project was.

Having said that............60mph/100kph might be possible? Don't have a speed meter to test it.....might invest in one....haha.
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