Talion talion's spare parts you should have at hand

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What spare parts of the talion is a must?
I want to have those also when i go on vacation its a long time yet but i figured i ccan start early getting those spare parts
I myself have not had to replace anything on my Arrma Talion due to damage, now based on past vehicles it's always good to have replacements and maintenance parts ready

Things i regularly have on hand in my pit bag:
  • body clips
  • spring choices
  • ball cups
  • a dogbone or two
  • shock fluid
  • diff fluid
  • some dry silicone lubricant (never use wd40 as a lubricant as it is a water displacer and rust inhibitor not a lubricant)
  • Tire Glue
  • Gorilla Tape (any high strength duck tape will work i use Gorilla tape)
  • An extra Screw Kit for your Vehicle (or the originals if you have swapped out to titanium or stainless)
Dry silicone lubricant?
Have never heard of this before
How or where do you usually apply this lubricant when playing on the sand?

I think bearings also is a must?
I have seen youtube videos blowing off bearings
Picked up this stuff at the local bike shop


there's a lot of dry lubricants out there, i know automotive places also have decent selections of them.
Thanx for the dry lubricant
We got that covered
But im somewhat new to this things what does it do how do you use it where what part do you use it on?
Use it on most moving parts, mainly bearings, any movable joints to try not to use it on the piston for shocks or gears etc. To break it down it reduces friction and friction causes heat, heat warps metal and other materials, warped materials break down faster.

If you have to clean your bearings due to an excessive mud brought about by a fun day of bashing of course then you'll want to use something like isopropyl alcohol or a decent citrus bearing cleaner heck you could use WD-40 at this place after your done cleaning make sure you wipe everything off thoroughly and then i would still do a quick soak in isopropyl and then let it dry before you re-apply the dry lubricant.
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