TBone 4.0 Wheelie Bar. If you have one are you getting dirt in your rear diff?

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Finishing up my maintenance on my Kraton 6S EXB.

I did not notice this when I serviced it at 20 packs, but at 43 packs I have dirt all packed in the rear diff. TBone wheel bar cover replaces the stock bottom chassis plate that screws down the rear diff.

I notice that the TBone cover does not lay fat on the chassis anymore, and they use a softer material for flex, so it is not hard stiffer plastic like the stock. With the slight curve outward at the lip on the TBone chassis cover, dirt can enter.

I cannot think of a way to close that gap. I could E6000 that area and could hold enough to keep the dirt from getting it in. Heating it and beading it straight as it was, I feel it will just turn outward again.

Anyone else have this issue with the TBone bumper allowing dirt to get past it from underneath and into the diff? Or any solutions?

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