Kraton Tbone Bumper (front)


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Got my bumpers about 10 days ago.. was really excited. Worked like a charm; I'm convinced they saved me from potential serious breakage since installing them the day they came.

Tonight was out and cartwheeled the truck a few times and the front one snapped near the bottom, just before it starts to curve inward.

Plan to call Tbone tomorrow and see how they respond, given the lifetime warranty I'm told they come with. Not sure how many use them with their Kraton.. I think it's a fairly new edition to their product line? But thought I'd share nonetheless, maybe help someone that planned to or was on the fence about ordering. I have friends with their products and have read countless reviews where people are pleased. I'll remain happy if they replace it, and will likely order one for my daughters Granite immediately. I'll follow up to this post after speaking with them tomorrow.

Be well & good night!