Senton Tbone racing bumpers coming soon!

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I got in contact with tbone racing last week to see if they were planning on making any bumpers for the Senton. I just got a reply saying they are on their way and should be available on their website on Friday!

I know I'll be ordering them as soon as they are available!
I've used Tbone racing on several RC's and currently have them on my Traxxas Stampede VXL and would certainly recommend them to anyone. Nice to hear they're making some Arrma Senton bumpers too.
I would love to see them on all the models as well, how did you get in contact with them?
I would love to see them on all the models as well, how did you get in contact with them?
Initially I was looking on eBay for upgrade parts and I came across their bumpers for the rest of the 1/8th line. I emailed them from the eBay app from a listing for a bumper for a talion, it took about 3 days for them to respond.
I have been eyeing and waiting on these bumpers also. I have a few t-bone bumpers i have been happy with them. There warranty is really nice. You just email them a picture of your broken bumper, and the they ship you a new one. .. i kinda like having the rear side panel supports on the stock bumper . It dosnt look like there rear bumper will allow this. So mabey i will wait on the rear. I need a new front bumper, but i am waiting to see what the basher front bumper looks like. Skid plates are definitely gonna be nice. I almost bought some front and rear skids that will fit the chasis. But decide not to because t-bone has a good variety and i new the senton bumpers were comin soon..and here they come
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Now thats what Im talking about!! And check out those a-arms skids..Sick!! Gotta get some.
I gave TBR a few dollars. Im waiting for the rear skids to come out. In the mean time, i order the front basher bumper and the front a-arm skids.
Hey guys, I just got mine today
TBR front and rear bumpers


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