Team Associated shocks on Raider XL

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Well the Team Associated SC10 shock absorbers came in yesterday and I got them mounted up. I had to use the stock Arrma springs and shock cups and rod ends. The front shocks ended up being 84mm eye to eye, I may add another down stop later on. Now all I need to do is figure out how to calibrate the shocks. right now I have #2 pistons all around and 40w up front and 50w in the rear. And just so you know the stock Arrma springs are just a little bit short, I do plan on buying so A.E. Spring kits in the near future.

I think they look really good on it.



I also had to make the holes in the shock bushing bigger so they would slide on and off.


The tabs on the shock caps are a little bit short so I had to grind off some aluminum material here. See Arrow.

Is it just me or dose the bottom of the shock look like it is being pushed forward by the a-arm.

I think I know why the Arrma plastic shock caps in the back keep popping off, the shock mounting points are not properly aliened. The mounting point on the a-arms is 1/8" to 1/4" too far forward, and when the a-arms go up and compresses the shocks it is putting a lot of force on the shock caps. The shocks are suppose to swing left to right not front to back.
I put traxxas aluminum big bores on my vorteks and they fit fine
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