Tekno MT410 Some assembly required

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Picked up a Tekno MT410 and am going to try to document the build.
Bag A = Center Diff
Nice. Been there. Got one also.
I run mine on 4s. Like it much better.
I suggest you get a Steel Spur Gear. Especially if running 6s. One of the first upgrades you do. My MT came with a Plastic Servo Horn set. I suggest you order the Alloy upgrade one if you got the plastic one. Option parts are shown in the manual there. My MT410 kit was built back in 2017. The diffs are bullet proof. I never opened mine up since I built them to this day. Never leaked. Feel like they did when new. A far cry from Arrma diffs.:LOL:
I also got all the Delrin Shock upgrade parts. Also the Alloy Shock caps and Preload nuts. Expensive. And not a priority.
Once you build a Tekno, some of the knowledge in the manual applies to Arrma 6s rigs. Like with the diffs. and shocks.
Enjoy the build. Make it a long one. Take your time. :)
It's an awesome kit to build 👍🏼😎 and super high quality fit and finish..!!
@SrC ..those mods you mention are pretty much the exact same things I did to mine day 1, only difference with mine is it's run on 6s Max8 with BLX motor 🤪 ( I didn't have any 4s batteries when I bought it )

Very nice! Have been wanting to buy a Tekno kit for some time. Hope you enjoy it and yes please keep the progress going.

I enjoy seeing how everyone goes about their own build.
I am a diehard kit builder at heart. Most enjoyment with RC for me.
I started RC back when Hobby grade rigs were only in kits from back in the late 80's.
Nowadays I buy RTR's only to rebuild them out the box.
The factory assembles these rigs at a fast rate with poor attention to detail. Many mistakes. There is no substitute for assy. QC when you build it at your own pace with attention to detail. They last much longer, drive much better done with your own 2 hands.
I find that 99.9% of RTR's are not really Ready to Run at all.
They all need my personal blessing before I consider running mine.:cool:
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So much for documenting it 🤣 She's done, Just need to tweak a few things and she'll be ready for a test rip
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Nice work! I have a favor to ask - could you please measure the gap between your motor and ESC?

I’ll start a build soon and am choosing electronics.
Nice work! I have a favor to ask - could you please measure the gap between your motor and ESC?

I’ll start a build soon and am choosing electronics.
The gap is 4mm
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