Kraton Tekno orange spring alternative

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Need you advise again

Trying to find some stiffer/longer springs for my Kraton here in Denmark. Everyone here recommends tekno orange, but it seems like almost impossible, even in Europe I can't.

It leads me to my question - are there any alternative there will do the job like tekno orange?
Hi guys, have you tried the tekno website? I ordered them from there from the uk and they came pretty fast.

I did manage to find that the kyosho big shock springs see a good fit but I had a job finding them in the uk
Hi tezauk, yes you are right. We can order direct through Tekno also. I made an order right now, so now i just have to find shock oil.
Glad you got them ordered :) I still need to get shock oil like you i think all seem to like 60 front 70 rear but just double check on the forum.
Yes I'll do. I remember i have seen 80 rear but not sure about it. So I will do a little research

Btw, could you feel any big difference compared to stock springs without changing the oil?
The springs seem very strong but not tried on the truck yet as mine is only two weeks old and had to be sent back as I had real trouble with the steering binding as the person who built it had forced the big red screws on the pivot balls in and made it so stiff the servo mount would rock back and forth, I stripped it all but couldn't get them to go back nice without play in it also every screw that was metal to metal had so much thread lock I just couldn't get the screws out even with using heat but arrma have been great and are sorting it out and going to check the truck front to back and replace what ever is needed.

Shame as I only managed to take it up the street and back then back in the box.
it wasn't the best start for you. I really hope it all ends up being fixed well. I'm glad to hear arrma take care of it.
No not the best and my first arrma but I use to race an original HPI Savage many years ago and that was a pain to work on but realty can't wait for the kraton to come back.
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