Terrain Crushers

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Arrma RC's
  1. Nero
Love these tires....gonna finally run my 7200mah 90c batteries.

Those are my favorite wheels and tires. So much so that I use anything else when I go Bash. Can't risk messing up one of these.
I brought a set of these lasted 1 run! Was running them in the street. In front of my house. And at a black top parking lot. The inside part of the rim. Had a big broken chunk. Won't buy them again
That stinks Ron. Are you sure they weren't broken during shipping? Mine are solid as a rock for small jumps and as much flat ground as I want. I would not bash a tire wheel combo that does not have the added cushion of a tall sidewall. And while there may be better wheels out there, these have treated me well. I would contact SRC and ask for a replacement.
I just sent them a message. I was not jumping because the sidewall is so short. Like trying to off-road with low profile tires. Your going to break a rim. I loved they didn't balloon. Traction on cement is great.loved them. I didn't notice they were broken. Until my son was looking at them
Right on, Unless you hit a curb then there is no reason they broke while you had them. I have beat mine pretty hard and they are still in good condition. Hopefully they make it right.
No curb shot I brought 2 Nero 6s with diff brain. About a month ago. One for my son and myself. He is the one that has tore up a set pro-line trenchers. I try not to hit too much. Because tires are not cheap. He has a set of pro-line big Joe's. I kind of like them ordered me a set. But they balloon.
I tried emailing them. They asked for pictures. Have not heard from them yet? They hooked up and didn't balloon. But they had no sidewall. I hope they stand behind what they sell? We will see
I got SRC road sweep's street tires. Going for 17 tooth an top of chart speed. At 16 tooth speed stock tires are already near losing control. I wouldn't run d-boots at 60 mph,you may lose control.
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