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Arrma RC's
25 years ago I started with RC
I drove 1/5 scale ,had several FG 23cc onroad and ofroad ,15 years ago I quit RC cars and started with RC gas power boats ,I dit this until 5 years ago ,we lost the club water ,so I dit not run my boats Anny more ,3 years ago I sold all my boats.
when I was looking at RC cars I saw that a lot was changed ,new players in town .
I was looking at FG again ,but now running gas cars is a problem over here ,can not run them because of the noise, people complain .
when I was in the lokal Hobby Store a see a big electric monster car ,it was a arrma kraton ,that was new to me , after talking to the seller I buy that car ,oh men oh men ,I dit not now that I RC car could do what a kraton can do and keep in one peace.
now 3 years later I one a kraton ,senton ,Fazon and a granite .
> > > thank you Arrma to give me back the fun of RC !!!!!!!!!
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