Kraton Thinkin about purchasing a kraton exb 8s roller…

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Damn guys didn’t think I’d want a 1/5 scale kraton bc I’ve seen bad things with the chassis, but I guess the exb is a tad thicker so here we go!!!

So I wanna ask you guys for any do’s or don’ts.
Good or bad experiences, tips before maiden voyage, best setups for power as far as electronics and servos go!!!

As always I really appreciate anything you guys got!
If you treat it like a real car you'll have fun with it. Your real car you also don't land on the roof. Simple as that. It can not take a beating like the 6s Kraton. Chassis is a lot better. Can to 7-10 Meter long jumps all day long if you land properly. Don't jump on concrete. Very easy to jump. Lots of fun. Had it carwheeling at about 80km/h many times in soft sand. Nothing damaged.

Got a Max5 1100kv with the 47T spur and 23T pinion. Does about 85km/h. Had it to 110 km/h before but that's just waiting to overheat and rip tires from the rims. Raminator servo.

I flipped mine two days ago on pavement racing around. Landed on the roof. Cracked the body bigtime and it flipped back on to the wheels. Never seen a body crack like that. But then what do we expect with that weight.
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I’m not going to beat it SUPER hard, but definitely have some fun with it! I’ve aired my 6s outcast and 8s xmaxx to the moon and the kraton won’t be for that!
Was thinkin about going with the max 5 combo. What connectors are ppl using with those bigger wires?

Looked up raminator servo and didn’t find anything. Was looking at this…
I am using QS8 connectors. They take some force to pull apart. So I made a cut with a saw in the plastic between the connectors. Have less resistance that way. For some rigs with a single battery I have hammered the connectors out of the plastic. Raz Shifrin has a video on it.

The savox servo looks good.
I use QS8 connectors and the Raminator servo as well.

In my Kraton I have a xlx2/1100kv and in my Outcast I have a max5 with a surpass 980kv. I would definitely just stick with the max5 esc.

Go ahead and buy a front bumper spring, the stock one is definitely one of the first things you’ll break.
Thanks, I’ll look into the front bumper spring. Wow $55 seems to good to br true on a decent 1/5 scale servo!

Why do you say to stick with the max5 over the xlx2?
Most places still have them for the $489. I still feel pretty lucky getting my Outcast EXB for $434.
I threw mine together with extra electronics , just had to buy a Primal servo

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