Thinking of a Granite for my son's first hobby grade RC and have some questions.....

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Hey all,

My son has some birthday money he wants to spend on another video game. I'm thinking of offering to match his funds and buy him a Granite instead so we can bash and wrench together. I have a couple questions though:

1. Can you fit a 7 cell nimh pack in the battery tray?

2. What spare parts should I pick up to keep a rookie driver running? We have no LHS so all the parts will be coming from Tower.

3. Is it possible to upgrade the motor without upgrading the ESC? Can he drop a little hotter brushed motor in to see the difference before he has to save up for brushless?

4. Anything else I should know or think about?
I am perhaps not the most experienced guy around here but i´ll give it a shot...:)

My answers will be:
1. What he says.../me points to the posting above his from @Rdub ...
2.In my case it where whisbones, uppers, lowers back and front ones...Spare differential... Front bumpers, perhaps a TBR bumper set would be a good investment...
3. I have no Idea...One of our Jedi can perhaps enlighten you on this subject?...I am still a padawan...:D
4. Always mind the finger...Don't ever forget the finger...The trigger/throttle finger I mean, just before somebody gets the wrong idea...In other words, if you break a lot, don't blame the car, look at your driving style...(best economic advice I got driving my Mojave)...;)

Hope this helps a bit...

Greetings from the Netherlands,

aka Aflan
I know of some people that have put a 12T brushed motor to increase the speed with no problems and look at the new STRC parts that are available for the Granite if you want to upgrade. The heavy duty front skid plate and the shocks are a good upgrade.
So believe it or not, when I handed my son the Tower Hobbies catalog and told him to pick out an Arrma Mega vehicle, he chose the Fury. I was quite surprised.
He will love it. It is really good. Also check the STRC parts as the shocks are a good upgrade. With the fury is also good to get the front tower brace and the #AR320204 that is the lower aluminium plate.
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