Senton Thoughts on my Senton so far.....

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I got my Senton last week Tuesday, and i couldnt wait to get it out and run a few packs through it. I have three 4S packs. First thing i wanted to do was check it over and also change the pinions to the 16 tooth. Soon as i tried to loosen the little screw in the pinion.... it stripped! Tried for three hours trying to get the stripped screw out of the pinion. Eventually i just gave up, ordered a new motor mount and dropped in my Mamba Monster esc with 2200kv motor! All i can say is this truck is a beast! Took it out on the beach for its first full run. This truck is amazing!! Also i bought a traxxas ford f150 raptor body for it for bashing sessions. The stock body is just for looking pretty when its on my work bench. Also, i run Duratrax Lock ups on it. Up next.....6s!
Here it is, just a few hours before its beach run yesterday! Had to get a pic before it got dirty.


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Here it is, just a few hours before its beach run yesterday! Had to get a pic before it got dirty.
Nice truck man , few things you can try to get that pinion out . Take a dremel and cut a slit in it so you can use a flat head screwdriver. Second is trying to drill through the actual pinion to break the seal. Also they usually put loc-tite on the pinion so using some heat to heat up the pinion and break the loc-tite seal may work. I sometimes use my soldering iron and will hold it on the pinion for a good bit of time. It's a pain when that happens. Best of luck man and enjoy your truck , it looks awesome and you got a even better setup in there now .
@justpassedu Im going to try the dremel trick. Tried drilling it out, but I need to get some new drill bits. @gLippa i used some M3 screws and M3 washers. Ill take pics of them and post them tomorrow. I picked them up at the local hardware store. I did have some laying around, but they were a little too long.
@gLippa this is the M3 screw i was talking about that i use for the Castle 2200kv motor. Also got some M3 washers too


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