Tires for a Arrma Fury?

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From everything I've read the stock tires are hard and only good for bashing. The offset that Arrma has chosen to adopt is an odd duck as is their stepped rim design. This makes replacing the tires or tires/rims a challenge. What would you suggest for tires/rims to replace stock for a clay racetrack bound Fury?
Nice, and that linked rim/tire combo you provided is the correct one to buy for the Fury?
Yes, it says Slash 4x4 compatible. So these work well on the fury/mojave!

The offset issue is only a problem for racing in ROAR associated races. The offset makes the car too wide to be legal.

Mind these tires work well on off-road loose surfaces. Due to the soft compound these will wear out fast on hard surfaces!
Yes it is, but check the width of the vehicle with it. I don't compete just bash so I would not be able to tell you if the vehicle will be ROAR legal.
My Fury just arrived last night. I notice that it has plastic hex drives. They're thinner and the pin is longer than the Tamiya ones I have on hand. Anyone have a link to a metal replacement hex?
Thanks. :) And now I feel like a moron for not finding them on my own. Derp!
Looking at some street tires and wheels for an Arrma Fury. Dynamite has some sweet treads mounted and all.

Heres a quick question. Can I put any tires on my Fury or are there specific tires? I want to run the sand tire that have what I like to call paddles on them. Will this be possible with my Fury?
Just check that the tyres are SC 2.2/3.0 and they will fit on your vehicle. If you get the pre mounted tyres you will save the job of gluing the tyres to the rims
I would go for the medium compound, like the trenchers and badlands. They will just last longer.

Those louise tires (duratrex in the US) are good too, but will not last long on tarmac due to their soft rubber compound.

Ideally for bashing I would go for some badlands for off road, M3. For on-road I would buy a on-road tire set. Louise has some nice ones!
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