Typhon TLR or EXB Chassis for Typhon

Can't go wrong with either one really. The TLR one is nice though and may be slightly lighter but it can also take a pretty good beating. I'd go with the one you can find for the best price. If you bash hard or jump a lot an M2C or JustBashIt might be an even better choice depending on how much coin you got to spare.
I mean if you would be going for durability don’t get either of them go the M2c swb chassis, they also make a light weight one if you’re worried about weight mind you still better the the exb or tlr you mentioned.

4mm M2c

Light weight 3mm m2c chassis

I also recommend you get the M2c shock stand offs as well because it seems for me almost every time I crash I break one.

Also getting the Ackerman bar from M2c as well because I hit something first drive with my car it tacoed instantly.
Tlr chassis is great and is at least as good as the exb chassis. Hell it might be better but a chassis that small is hard to bend regardless imo
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