Tonys Screws kits problem.

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I recently bought a Tonys Screws screw kit through A-Main Hobbies for a Traxxas Rustler VXL, half of the hardware is just not matching up with whats listed in the manual and I'm having a problem trying to figuring out what screws are supposed to replace which screws. Plus there is a extra bag of large 3mm washers that I cant figure out what to do with. I went to his site and looked through the screw section where you can buy individual sizes and types and all of the right sizes & types of screws for the Rustler VXL were listed and in stock except of the 3x23mm button head screws. I just can not figure out why he would not put all the right hardware in the kit, and there isn't a chart showing what screw might be substitutions for other screws.

I have and am waiting on a response, and I was just wondering if anyone else has run into this problem with his kits. It's kind of strange that he doesn't list what is included in the kit and then leaves it up to use to figure out how to use the hardware the was included in the kit.


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I'm doing a return and then ordering the proper sizes from Tonys website.

I already sent it back and will be ordering from Tonys website, you get a much better deal getting the needed sizes in 20 packs then you would buying a screw kit for a specific car, at least as far as metric screws go, when it comes to standard size screws your better off buying the kits or bulk screws from amazon.
The screw kits they sell on amazon have different grades of steel. Some I bought are 10.9 and some are 12.9.
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