Typhon Took my Typhon to a big international race

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Last weekend was the Italian IBR Padova's "OneRace OneMan" race. with 80 nitro cars and 50 electric cars this was a nice big event. with racers coming from all over Europe, some of the worlds top drivers attended the race, Savoya, the Kilic brothers, Berton Riccardo, Marco Baruffolo and more and more.

Some friends at my track planned arrange and join the race, so i said 'yeah why not, i'll bring my Typhon'. I do also have a Kyosho MP9, but frankly i know and trust my Typhon more, it's the one from this build thread.

We got to the track for 3 days of practice before the race, the track is amazing! i never tried a clay track, and the size and speed of the track was so much more than what i was used to,

Here are some practice runs, of me getting used to the track.

I had 3 days to get familiar with the track and try to find a good setup, but in the end i failed, with the 3rd day closing i had settled on a car that was harder to drive compared to teh setup i started with, and not much faster, but i decided to stop changing the car and just go with what i have, not sure it was a good decision.

Qualify ended with me positioned 26th out of 50, which is good considering that the top 10 were professional drivers. i was positioned as first in the C-Main (out of 4 mains).

The race itself was bad, i started at the front and was even building a bigger lead over the rest, but a terrible mistake at the worst part of the track positioned me at the end of the pack, from which i recovered only to P7. the rest of the mains wernt that much better with mistakes on my side.

Here is the race, an example of how much more important is to not make mistakes rather than speed.

All in all it was an amazing experience. The Typhon proved to be a reliable and worthy car for racing, it's as easy and fast to work on as the best of the race cars, and it's extremely reliable, my friend's Mugen had a rear driveshaft breaking, and another friend's Kyosho MP10 had a worn diff gears and bent shock shafts, but the Arrma pretty much sailed thought the event with maybe only the center diff case metal insert moving a bit so i replaced it, but it could have been like that from before the race. If i would go to another event i would have no problems choosing the Typhon again.
Pretty cool! I think you did pretty darned good, especially if you've never driven a clay track before. (y) It also gave you some valuable experience to learn what not to do. Next time will be even better.
Awesome! I can’t wait to do this!
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