TP v. TP-CM v. Poseidon v. Castle motor for a new speed run build 1/8 scale

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I'm building a new 1/8 speed runner and wanted to get advice regarding motors. The motor needs to be 76 mm or less and I plan on running 4-6S. Motor KV's I'm considering are 2200-2700. With that being said, I'm most interested in TP motors s but I'm considering Castle and Poseidon as well. I see there is a big price premium for the CM series and I'm wondering if it's worth the extra cost. I'm most interested in

TP 4030 either regular or CM
Poseidon 2650
Castle 2200

Any opinions? Is the additional cost for the CM series justified? Thanks in advance.
Regarding the CM motors and whether it's worth the additional cost...generally I would answer that with a yes. The difference of the CM motors is the same as the 1721: stainless sleeved rotors instead of Kevlar wrapped. I like having the peace of mind knowing that the chances of blowing my rotor are extremely slim to none. So generally I'd say yes to CM, but I would add the following caveat: it will depend on how close to the max RPM I plan on running the motor at. The closer I'm running to max RPM, the more likely I am to use a CM motor. There are TP motors where I'd like to run them "over volted" in relation to its specs. What I mean by that is, the cell count given for TP motors never accounts for load so you're never going to hit the max RPM of a motor with the rated cell count. Typically you can add a cell and, once load is factored in, you're still running below max RPMs. To bring this back to the topic of the thread, in such a case I would definitely be inclined to use a CM variant as I'd be running up close to max rated RPM and I'd feel better knowing my motor has a full metal jacket. Conversely, if I'll be running the motor more in line with the rated voltages, I wouldn't be as insistent that its a CM. Hope this helps.

All that being said, I do like running sensored Castle motors. I just hate the sound of a cogging motor. Yeah, you can get sensored TP motors but I find their cost a bit prohibitive personally, though I still want to try one at some point.

I don't have any experience with Poseidon motors so I can't speak to those.
I run castle in my other 2 cars so I thought I'd try something a little different and TP seems to be a fav amongst the speed runners. Thanks for the explanation between the differences between the regular and CM variants.
Ask @Moirae. He is the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of The TP Motor Users Association here on the Arrma Forum.

TP motors are excellent. The KV and wind options are endless. They're prices aren't that bad either once you compare to say a Lehner or NeuMotor. TPs can run a little hot though if you try to over gear them. Lehner is also a excellent motor and they're highly customizable but the price is extremely high (+400 and up).

You should check out Cordova too. I have 3 and they're excellent. Plenty of torque and they don't get too hot. I have a 2900KV I run on 6S similar to the size you're looking for (82mm will fit the 1/8 scale SWB chassis) and its fantastic!! I run two fans on it but I speed bash it hard and it takes it. Never got above 140. Cordovas are pricey too (slightly higher than TP prices) but well worth it IMHO. As a reference I ran a TP 4050CM 2900KV in the same car on 6S and almost melted the bullets. It ran well on 4S though. I prefer a motor that can run at what it says it can run...if it says 6S capable I'm running 6S. My Cordova had no issues but the TP got hot (same gearing and fan setup too).

I had a bad experience with a Poseidon motor. It smoked on my very first run out the box. I believe it was they're version of the Castle 1515-2200KV (same size). The first pull with it and it was smoking bad. I thought it was a fire but no flames. I put it away and later took it to a LHS who told me to try it again because a motor can smoke if it's been sitting around long enough (No BS...this is what he told me. Said it might need to burn off dust or debris inside). So I tried it again and same result. I threw it in the trash immediately following.
thanks, based on the responses I'm gonna go with a 4040cm if it fits or 4030cm. There's no point in trying to reinvent the wheel and there's a reason why TP's are popular....
thanks, based on the responses I'm gonna go with a 4040cm if it fits or 4030cm. There's no point in trying to reinvent the wheel and there's a reason why TP's are popular....
Silly question,,,,why are you limited to 76mm long motor???82mm would give you lots more motor options
not sure if fits TBH...
It's for a 989e serpent and it looks pretty tight. Phil Jolley used a 2200 in a 988e but the belt design is different in that car.

His videos say he's using a 988 which uses 2 center belts but close ups of his car looks like 3 belts so maybe he's using a 989? not sure, have to wait for the car to come first....
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