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Arrma RC's
  1. Kraton 6s
  2. Outcast 8s
  3. Typhon 6s
First i want to say thank you all for a warm welcome to the forum. This car was a impulse buy :) a cheap Fury roller, plan was to convert it to Granite, but i got a NIB Raider for 65$ so just changed the arms, and ad some wheeliebar and body posts .

Current setup.

ACE 150A esc 2-6s
Hobbywing sensor 540 SC 4pole 3700 motor
Futaba BLS servo
3s Lipo
32P converted spur
Alu front tower brace
Proline Ford 66 lid
Proline SandPaws 2.2" on RPM Revolver crawler rims.

All films will be uploaded to My YT chanel, all other cars that i do bash with are here to





Not sure about the Flames :/..should i peal them off?


Oh those look really nice! Almost like the arrma hop up metal shocks that somehow are not yet available. let us know if you post a running vid. I would like to see those in action!
Il be put and testing the trick today with stock shocks.

Durango messurments.


Top center to end of house 55mm
Center to center 102mm

Just test moumted the front shocks, little to long, socks bottom out before chassi do :(
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That is unreal. Great videos too. That looks like a great location to drive too I wish I had a place like that. I agree with the post flame body too ;)
Thanks @James and @Unusual for the kind words. Yesterday i did some tarmac runs and it need for the 4700 motor .

Next is to deanodize the rear tower brace from black to silver. And order carbonfiber to make some new braces rear and front and chassi sides.
Very nice!
Does this car have the Durango shocks in the back?

Problem with longer than default (98mm) pitch shocks is that the dog-bones can run into the drive-cups.
Even my default shocks had this problem with my Mojave BLX.

Since I run 95mm Fastrax that seems to be not happening any-more.
Running stock, bit i did lose a little bit of an diffoutdrive in a huge jump :(...would love to see CVDs :). Tommorow il be buying some Proline Badlands 2.2" Truck rubbers
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