transport bag 4 nero

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Hi there ,

i`. m looking for a transport bag for my arrma nero .... is there any anyone who can advise me ...

thanks already ,

I used a duffle bag...and one of those fancy "tactical " bags....

but the best bag I have found for the nero is the box it came in...It just offers more room for radio and parts stored between the wheels and all over....
I use a wheeled duffle bag that holds a complete truck with tires on, the remote, extra set of tires, duel charger, extra batteries, spare parts, and tools. It works great!
tmp_31580-2016-10-15 16.39.55-658576271.jpg
Here's a pic of my nero in its 20x28 home aka suitcase! It has 3 inside pockets (you can see) and 2 on the front.
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