traxxas big bores on my arrma vorteks

it works

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Arrma RC's
  1. Vorteks
Arrma shocks kept braking, the caps were weak and would pop off. I did not know what shocks to get for it. I saw someone put them on a granite. It worked on my Vorteks mega to. If you want to do it the part number is 5862.


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If you don't mind me asking how did you post your pictures like that.
After I took the photos I went into my files then I minimized the screen and dragged them onto my homepage. When I created the thread I went where it said upload a file and I pulled out the photos

I think you also have to post multiple photos.

What do you mean measure them eye to eye.
The "eyes" are the mounting holes on either end of the shocks. Measuring from the center of one hole to the center of the other hole when the shock is expanded is referred to as measuring "eye to eye".

I'm guessing that these Traxxas shocks are approx 100mm eye-to-eye.. but please confirm.
I posted in another thread.... I found that the bushings in the traxxas bottom eye are fatter than the slot on the vorteks. I made them work just fine by using a file to widen the slot.
Was there any issue on the front shocks, fitting them into the gap of the upper suspension arm?
You bet! You are going to have to play around with tension clips or whatever to get the feel you want. I could never get the back traxxas shox to "feel" right... and since I never popped the caps off of the back, I just ended up putting the stock arrma rears back on.