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So really im not sold on a nero.. even though i paid a premium price.. love my summit but hate how horribly built traxxas is. Any ideas how to put a summit transmission in a nero? And fit the summit body, lighting, and elecronics in it. don't like arrmas crappy radio and reciever. Way to many glitches

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Lol, well having spent a fortune on my summit over the years, both to upgrade/customize it which is fine, but also fix it again and again from essentially being a 1/8 scale monster truck that is built on 1/10 scale parts, I have to say...My NERO is a Summit Killer. Now I totally understand where you are coming from though as there did something about accepting a whole new company and truck that has the duality of being so similar yet so different. I must say that I built my Nero from pieces over time and feel that the engineering and design is far superior to the Summit yet you really have to do. Nod of the hat to Traxxas since it would be foolish to argue that the engineers didn't start the design with the Summit in mind as their competition and go from there. As I built my Nero I tried to use many of my Summit parts for tests along the way. In most cases they looked very similar but were off just enough not to fit. That being said I will try to speak to your question above as best I can.

Body fits the platform well and looks at home, however the posts will not transfer over so you will have to rig something up custom to hold it in place. Same with the front and rear bumpers. I found that if you leave the nero bumper mount (the oval) on the truck and the just drill new holes straight into it to mount the Summits bumpers, it will turn out looking very close to the factory Summit setup. Don't try to use the whole Summit bumper and mount as the Traxxas oval piece does not line up with the Arena mounting holes.
Another thing you might want to do if you really miss that Summit look is very carefully Dremel out your geode wheels to be just a regular 17mm hex so you can put them on the Nero. I have mine like that wrapped in Mudslingers and it works nicely. The transmitter and receiver I can't speak to 1st hand as I am running a Spectrum DX4S but imagine just like I have that rigged to work the diff brain you could use the Traxxas T lock in conjunction with the diff brain and Traxxas receiver to setup the top switch to lo Ock and unlock the diffs. That may take some experimenting though. I don't know if I would switch over to the transmission on the Summit. I get you want to for the 2 speeds but honestly the best part about the Nero is the all metal drive from pinion to wheel. It is so strong compared to the Traxxas setup I would probably leave it alone. I set Summit up with all hardened diff gears, LEM aluminum diff cups, MIP CVDs, upgraded min shafts, LEM dog carrier, etc so I can put the castle mxl6s system in it. I ran SCM batteries that were 5000mah and 50c and never got to actual get through a full charge without blowing up something. The truck could not handle it. But was awesome and could do standing backflips if you weren't careful on the gas but was on its roof all the time and broke one thing expensive in the drivetrain ever run. I moved that same motor, ESC, battery setup to the Nero build with the same tires and wheels and other than having to go back in on certain parts with loctite that came loose in the begining, have had great luck with the truck. It's insane, from wheeling on demand across a parking lot to jumping snow banks 40 foot in the air after the blizzard. My kids and I are actually going out and running the truck. The funny thing is it looks like a Summit for now till I get more parts which is kinda what you are looking for but performs like I always wished the Summit would. I would say that the only thing different I might do is switch to the sensors version of my castle setup in the future with the mamba x esc. Should have the same crazy speed run and bash performance but when you lock all the diffs you can then do slow controled crawling a little better than I do now. Sorry for the length of the reply but hope my input helps you out.


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