Traxxas price increase

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Traxxas announced a 12% price increase in Netherlands and Belgium so i expect it will count for the rest of europe and propably the world too.

That means they get even more overpriced.
I was interested in an traxxas xmaxx but when its getting even more expensive its not worth the money anymore imo
From the original Traxxas supplier in the netherlands and belgium. So i don't doubt it will be true, unfortunately
A friend of mine bought a slash 2wd VLX RTR two years ago.
Now he wants to buy another one for his son..
it already is $70,- more expensive here.

And now another 12% on top of that :eek: interested in a traxxas xmaxx because i like the size and looks of it...
But im not willing to pay 1000 euro for a car of wich i think has to much plastic on it...
Its just priced to high for what you get, just like all the other traxxas stuff
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