Truck quit working...esc or motor??

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I had the truck out today in wet/slushy conditions and it just quit working! I'm not sure whats going on. When I turn the switch on it only makes a "single" noise when usually if everything is working right it makes a "two tone" noise. I also cant adjust the settings of the ESC. The servo still works but nothing else. Is this a ESC problem or a motor problem? Any info,advice etc would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Not sure exactly what it is, but most likely an esc problem. Let the truck dry out then try again.
First let dry the ESC.
Then make factory reset.
After that make the settings of teaching the ESC to the endpoints of you're controller.
At least make you're settings for battery and so on.

After don these it should run again, if there is no damaging of you're parts...

had the same problem on my Fury BLX today. drove a bit in the wet snow. none of the LED was working and only a single beep when turning on.

forgot the car in the sun about a hour and it worked again.

I hope this was the problem.

waterproof :confused:
I have a fury mega I'm having the same issue after running it in the snow and slush the steering works and the light lights up on the esc I don't get the beep or anything though it is telling me it is getting a signal but truck will not move the motor won't even spin gonna give it a try tomorrow any suggestions from anyone??
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Mostly there is some water in the connection between ESC and receiver.
The RX seams not to be waterproof. I had read some more issues concerning that theme.
Maybe we had to seal the RX with plasti dip or putting him in a ballon like 20 years ago... ;)
On the other hand,... sealing afterwards is a nasty work. :(

... I don't know, if there are other 3ch receiver available which are waterproof?
That will be also an option but than we have also to make the diff-brain-board waterproof, because it´s connected to ch3 and throttle.

Just a little update. I contacted tower hobbies and explained to them my issues. They had me send in the esc for testing and it turned out the esc was faulty. They replaced it free of charge! The bls40 is discontinued(can't imagine why lol) so they sent me the blx85. Truck work great now!
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