TRX-6 Build: Reverend Feelgood and the Chainsaw Nuns

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Private Eye Gene Parmesan
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Twin Cities, MN
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May 2015, Graz, Austria

"Well Klaus, that's the last G63 6x6 off the line. Going to some rich kid in Los Angeles - hit the clubs!"

"What a shame Hans, she's capable of so much more! Why did we even build these things?"

2087, Bozeman MT, USA

Humanity hangs by a thread. In 2053 the Traxis Global RC and Mind Control Corporation patented an 100 billion weight diff fluid. It wasn't discovered that human ingestion resulted in zombification until it was too late.

Military long defeated and government long dissolved, the remaining American survivors gather in the plains states. Clinging to any hope, churches have become fortresses. The clergy protects their flocks not only with the words of God, but also with swords, chainsaws and flame throwers.

With a zombie horde approaching on the horizon and ammo running low, the people of Bozeman clasp their hands in prayer and strain their eyes ... ears listening for the sound of salvation ... six massive wheels churning under the revving, supercharged engine of REVEREND FEELGOOD AND THE CHAINSAW NUNS!

I have this bone stock TRX-6 that's fun to drive, but getting boring to look at. I've decided what it needs is a pseudo-religious zombie hunter theme. It will, of course, be driven by the good reverend and his devoted nuns. Standard winter project.


My goal is to make this as outlandish as possible, while remaining fully crawlable.

My plans so far:
  • "Cow catcher" brush guard with spikes. Yes, there will be at least one zombie head stuck on it.
  • Hood scoop
  • Chainsaw Nuns decal on hood
  • Police lightbar
  • Roof rack (requisite gas cans, etc.)
  • Roof mounted flame thrower
  • Diamond plate "waistband" around body
  • Replace windows with metal bars
  • Steel plate armoring
  • Chainsaws and swords mounted on fenders
  • Rim blades
  • Reverend Feelgood decal on rear bed
  • Netting for roll bars
  • Removable chain with zombie dragging, attached to rear bumper
  • Standard details, fire extinguishers, tools, etc.
  • Sound unit
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