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Guys iam bringing up this subject again because my motor froze up an stopped tuning,bout 12 runs on car. I well try to explain again:. When making my 1st run out of the box it felt like I had more speed an power in reverse. 1st thing I looked at was the throttle forward an reverse switch was on rev from factory. So I thought this was incorrect an switched to normal position on back of transmitter an reset forward/neutral/reverse to ESC per book. Would this have destroyed my motor,it is froze up,can bearly turn by hand with pinion on it. Was running 15tooth pinon,SRC tires, mostly on driveway an very little on short grass yard. All on 6s runs, some long distance stretches down street. Also note to you,my pinion broke 3rd run,then bout 6 run when I finally used reverse the spur broke,now motor froze. Need input, really wanted 6s not sure 4s would give me a thrill.

Have taken motor out this morning, found motor shaft run out. Motor shaft bent, probably when pinion broke on me 2nd run. Probably caused the motor to sieze.
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