Two ESC smoked

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Ok I bought Venom 2S 4000mah Lipo battery, played with my granite mega and it worked just fine, I charge the battery woke up the next morning to play and soon as I plug the battery to the esc the esc starts smoking. So I called Arrma support service and they sent me a brand new ESC I played with it the day it came and the next day the brand new ESC smoked, so can someone tell me whats going on?
I beat the sh.. out of that stock Esc on 2S 6000mAh lipo's.
And even put a more heavy brushed motor in.

I would suggest that there is something else creating this problem. My best guess would be a faulty Arrma servo, which smokes the BEC circuit of your ESC.
That is a common problem, not the MEGA esc. I rarely hear about that one causing any problems

I bought a brand new Hitech Metal Gear servo for my granite mega
I bought a brand new Hitech Metal Gear servo for my granite mega

Then my best guess would be that this nice new servo draws too much power from the maximum 6,0V 1,0A BEC system of your ESC.

This can burn up your esc.
Been there, done that :p

Best solution would be to buy a separate BEC system to power your servo. Or can this servo function as a high voltage servo maybe?
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