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I have a little Dromida 4.18MT, with a brushed motor.
I'm getting the itch to blow it out with a brushless system.
Here's the issue; the current brushed system integrates the ESC and Rx into a single unit.
To go brushless; will add a new ESC and need a dedicated Rx.
Now to the question:
  • Can I pair a different brand Rx, like the HobbyKing 3 channel to my Dromida Tx?
  • Or do I have to put the Dromida Tx aside and get a new Tx?

Here's my struggle; I'm a bottom feeder and all the bottom end HK 3 channel Tx's are on back-order.
In the world of RC, I get impulsive and I'm afraid if I wait too long to pull the trigger on the upgrade, I'll lose the itch.