Typhon Typhon 3s upgrades

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Whatever breaks when you bash it. That's what you need. But not everything needs upgrading. Leave some parts as a weak link so not to break the more expensive parts.

It all depends how you run it too. In dust, snow, heat, cold, mud, jumps, speed runs, racing.......
A new set of tires can be a nice upgrade. Choose tires for the type(s) of surfaces you plan to run on (pavement, off road, or both). I have a set of Duratrax Lockups for dirt, and Duratrax Banditos for pavement. In Europe, Duratrax is branded as Louise with occasionally different names for some of the tires.
Not a typhon upgrade but I finely upgraded my charger for my Christmas gift and a extra battery or two nice.
Theses are fun

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