SOLD / FOUND Typhon and Talion on MassDrop

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I wasn't sure where to put this for maximim exposure. I have no monetary incentive in this; just spreading some Arrma deals I came across.

The Typhon can be had for $370, and if 4 sell they can be had for $350

Arrma Typhon 4WD Brushless Buggy RTR on Massdrop:

The Talion can be had for $430, and as low as $400 if 4 are sold.

Arrma Talion 6S BLX RTR Truggy on Massdrop:

Read the details on how it all works if you have never purchased from them before.
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The Typhon looks like the old version. Not a great deal at that price, IMHO.

Talion is V2. $399 would be great.
Thanks. I am not really up on the Talions and Typhons.
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