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Howdy everyone. Sorry for the awful lighting, but here's my current Arrma ride. It started out as a monster mutt with a Kraton chassis and Typhon suspension/hubs, so of course I added the TLR Tuned chassis and Typhon wing mount. Aside from that, I'm pretty sure it started out as a V3, as it has the older adjustable servo saver. It currently has the 8S combo (Firma 160A/ Spektrum 1250kv) geared 30/50, with a Powerhobby servo. Aside from that, it's essentially a vanilla Typhon. I'll update incrementally as I get it closer to complete :)



These are some massive pics, sorry everyone. Can you resize photos?:oops:
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Very nice rides! I usually blast in parking lots, so making it stubby made sense to me; the more agility the better :) plus I'm also a Typhon fan, I love the stance and styling.
For sure, I love how the 4WD buggies look, and have since I was a kid, and could definitely not afford one :) There's something about their stance and proportions that just looks so nice.

I'm waiting for my truck to arrive, re-entering the hobby. I went with a truggy, like a Kraton 6S, for maybe some extra ground clearance, and being tolerant of just bashing around on grass, etc. Though I'm sure the Typhon can do that too.

A friend just got a Typhon 6S, I can't wait to see it, the first time we get together with our new toys. If I eventually add another vehicle, odds are I'd go with something "more different" than a buggy, since that would be somewhat close to what I'll have, but I certainly couldn't rule out a buggy :)
Thanks for the antenna Idea man. What are the things called holding them to your receiver box lid ?
You're welcome, but totally not my idea😄 When I put in the xlx2 I had to reconfigure the whole layout. Not sure what they're called but lemme see if I can find a pic.



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