Typhon Esc v2

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Hi. My esc recently went up in smoke on my typhon v1. I was woundering if the esc for the typhon v2 is compatible and also if it would be a simple straight swap to get going again?
I am quite new to fixing my rc cars so is there also anything i should know before attempting this fix?

If your car is less than 2 years old you should be able to get a warranty replacement from Arrma and is a simple straight swap to install the new one.
Hi. I think I'm just outside the 2 year warranty plus I read alot that the old 180 esc are nothing but trouble so I would like to change it for the newer more reliable version 185. I am assuming that the newer model will just plug into the motor and the receiver and work without any fuss?
Hi. Yeh I did notice that but luckily I have some adapters I can use. Thanks for the heads up though. If I am still using my original receiver and controller from my typhon v1 will I need to calibrate anything when I install the new esc? I ask because this is the first time I have attempted this work on my rc car
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