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Well, the title reads it all. Finally had a chance to run the typhon 3s today. Nothing overly crazy as far as jumps. Hit the local skate park. Made it halfway through the first pack before she landed on her lid and snapped a shock mount which ultimately, as most know, is integral with the front diff cover. Also noticed that a mounting tab broke off of the esc. Suspension seems incredibly soft, even with spacers front and rear. Does anyone have a decent remedy for the esc mount issue without having to order a new esc? Also, is the aluminum shock tower brace highly advisable? Maybe thicker shock oil too?? Looking for any and all tips or advice. Thanks! Overall, I am highly impressed with this beast and I really think that with some small tweaks, it will become my favorite arrma yet. Jenny's rc to the rescue for diff covers, spare set of shocks for it and my boys granite, as well as a spare swb slider shafy for my vorteks 3s
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