Typhon Typhon on mojave chassis standoffs?


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Can someone please tell me what length standoffs I need to use typhon body on mojave chassis? šŸ˜±
The standoffs just did not appeal to. I think they are fine for speed racing but for bashing not soo much if the car lands on the body.

Solved it like this.

I thought it was 55mm stand offs for the Typhon

Great idea
Definitely looks more durable

Did you make the piece, the body posts mounts to
55mm is for stretched typhon on kraton/talion chassis. My Talion XL needs 65mm on mojave chassis so I just yolo'd 75mm. Hoping it works as I don't want to use mojave side guards to mount with velcro nor do I want to drill holes in the bottom of the chassis. Me and measuring doesn't go together :ROFLMAO:
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