Senton Typhon/Senton 6s conversion build

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I usually run Pro-Line bodies , but last year for my new SC6.4 build I decided to try this body out . Good thing you got the 0222 part number because the 0222L is the race / lightweight version ( for racing every gram counts ) . Much thinner plastic and will not hold up as well for outdoor bashing . My friend got this body for his SC6.4 also but ordered the one you have , 0222 , and all done after painting , the 0222 body is 62 grams heavier . He was noticing how " tippy" his truck was vs. mine , tried my body and saw a notable difference . But this is for racing applications . The only thing I don't like about this body is the rear fender area is flat so I can't place the body down low on my truck therefore the rear tires will come up and hit it . The Pro-Line Flo-Tek has an arch where the tire can go up into .
I now have moved the body onto my Tekno SCT410sl and fits nice .

Pic of the 2 bodies….
You did a phenomenal job on those, and the white rims set off the color. I'm not too concerned about weight, as wat I built here is the opposite of lightweight lol. Had to put on harder Mojave springs up-front, and Fireteam front springs for the rear shocks. Used 1000cst oil (80w) with a touch of 2000cst diff fluid in all four shocks to balance the increased rebound. It probably won't handle quite like an SCT, but I'm willing to make the sacrifice to avoid it bottoming out over a pebble while strapped with heavier than normal batteries. I chose to try something strange for me. Something different. Spaz Stix Candy Purple and Gold. It's gonna be the basher body, but if it turns out better than the Orange one here, I might just tear up the orange one lol. I'm in for the work on it now!