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Hey guys so I figured out what I wanna do with the 3s typhon I got on black friday. Gonna make it a speed run/ drag car. Found the tires I want some powerhobbys. My question is about the shocks I wanna lower it and was wondering if I could use the 6s shocks off the infraction?

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For 4x4 speed running, I don't think you really need the 6s shocks. But they are the better shocks. Preload is way easier to dial in. (y) The springs will be very hard for a lighter 3s rig. Maybe what you want/need. IDK. Just something else to consider.
And the 3s Vendetta shocks may be the cheaper option for Speed running. For 1/4 of the price. The performance on Pavement will probably be the same or similar?
Not disuading you however.
For 4x4 line Offroaders many go to the 6s shocks however. The benefits are more pronounced in the rough terrain.
Can't see how they would Not work though. That's your call.
Will still need some minor modding whichever type you go with. Tower height's matter here. This will slam the rig lower.

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