Big Rock U-joint and stub axle screw access


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The other day I was in the rain, and the stocks tires would unload in the corners. Well of course I kept the throttle pinned. One wheel flew off, I thought I didnt tighten it, but it was the whole stub axle along with the bearings that ejected

The little screw was still captured in the u-joint, came out of the stub. You can access this if you have a very long allen tip. But I didnt. Little heat from a heat gun allowed me to pry out the metal ujoint, and red loctite the screw back in the stub axle. You don't need much heat, just enough to gently pry out the joint

Hope this helps for folks that don't have that extra long allen driver.
Best thing to do is to invest in a set of long hex drivers, they're $11 on amazoforest..


It'll save you from weakening those plastic parts with heat..
These are the best affordable hex drivers that I’ve run across the last couple years. I’ve had a set for over a year and they are still very solid. I use these most of the time for wrenching and MIPs for more fine work.

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