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I just bought the Arrma Fury Mega brushed today and I really like it!

Though, after just running it for 15 min. the batteries are already dead (I still have the stock 2000 NiMH 7.2V battery.
What would you advice for an upgrade for batteries that runs longer and perhaps a bit faster?
I have a Charger CB-IP charger.

I am new to this hobby..

First, welcome @Sndr to our forum!

You must have a 2000mAh (milli Ampere hour) ni-mh (nickel - metal hybrid) battery pack.
Inside are 6 individual cells, connected in series. Each cell has an average voltage of 1.2 Volts: 6 x 1.2V = 7.2V

2000mAh means the capacity of the battery: how much energy is stored inside, and can be released.

2000mAh = 2.0 Ah, or a small lightbulb of 6.0V and 2.0A can radiate light on this battery for 1 hour.
6.0V/1.0A -> 2.0 hours
6.0V/10.0A -> 0.2 hours

So the more power you ask from the battery, the sooner it will be empty.

And today's technology does not enable a ni-mh battery to be drained to the absolute minimum, so some will stay left in the battery

So buying a larger capacity ni-mh 7,2V battery pack will solve your problem.
A 4000mAh pack will give you double the run-time of your current battery.

But larger capacities are available too. But more capacity = the more expensive

Unless you want to invest in a brushless motor and controller any soon, I would advice not to go for lipo batteries.
Their power output potential is so much higher than that of any ni-mh battery, it will burn the brushes of the stock 15T motor.
Had it myself for two times, and many, many others too.

The charger you are using is a good start!
Thanks for the detailed reply.

I wasn't planning going brushless or Lipo (yet), so will stay currently at the NiMH.

For a budget of around $50 what are then the better upgrades?
Looking to your comment I was for example then thinking of the following:
- Duratrax 6-Cell 7.2V DTX 5000mAh NiMH Stick Star
- Duratrax NiMH 6-Cell 7.2V DTX 5000mAh Flat Star Plug
- Venom 7.2V 6C 5000mAh NiMH Stick Battery with Universal Plug VNR1548

What is the difference between the stick star and flat star? Does it fit my RC?

Does a 7-cell also fit?

Could you maybe give me some good examples as battery upgrades?


I have only been doing this for about 6-7 months and quickly found I totally underestimated the requirements for batteries and chargers vs what comes "stock".

I bought venom 4200 mah batteries in a 2-pack deal on Amazon. I have been very happy with them. If you get the Venom batteries they will comw with adapters so you don't have to get hung up on having the right connectors.

You can't go wrong with them, and the 5000 would be great for what you are trying to do.
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I do not know which Fury (year, type) you have. But here some info about the first two models. Beware that the 2015 model has slightly different dimensions, which should be here on the forum too (and I cannot find them on my cell..)

For at least the 1/10 scale 2011 - 2013 models the inside dimensions of the battery bay are as follows:

Long chassis: 185x57x26mm (Mojave, Fury, Granite)
Short chassis: 147x57x26mm (Raider, Vortex, ADX10? not sure)

If you have a battery with the leads attached to the front, please keep some spare length so that they can bend up.

On top of the chassis is a hole for most types of connectors. Hard care with banana plug connectors on top for removable battery leads fit fine.

Make sure that you select a battery which will fit. Especially height is critical.
Ok, just ordered the Duratrax NiMH 6-Cell 7.2V DTX 5000mAh Flat Star Plug.
I have measured the inside dimensions (185x57x26mm), so it should fit.
I'll let you know once it has arrived and how it works.

Thanks for the help!

Get yourself an 8.4v 7 cell flat pack. I have a 3000mah for my Raider mega and I get good run times. Higher mah will give you more. It definitely added some punch to my brushed motor........ But that led me to going brushless!!

It's not a hobby, it's an addiction!
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