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I am starting this thread to hopefully gather and share information about replacement parts that are available in europe for an affordable price.

I am from the UK and I have recently purchased a Granite BLX.
Really enjoying it so far but want to maximise my run time and reinforce / upgrade parts.
So far I have purchased a new charger (imax b6ac) a new battery (venom hard case 5800 2s LiPo) 83mm HPI dogbones & a T bone front bumper.

I have broken a few parts:- front & rear body mounts, front suspension arm (lower) & today i just blew one of the front shocks ( top cap came off)

I am finding it quite hard to find parts & if i do they only have shadow stock. Most parts for upgrades one here eg traxxas,T bone etc are expensive (£34 for the bumper) and have to be shipped internationally.

So in summary if you know of any parts easily available & reasonably priced in europe please post it here.

Many thanks
Ok, heres a quick update. I have fitted some of the upgrade parts.

Tbr front bumper, direct from T bone racing Ebay - 2 weeks delivery £30

Proline trenchers - modelsport.co.uk next day delivery £50

Alloy front shocks - ebay couple of days for delivery £8

Venom hardcase Lipo 5800mah 70c 2s. Amazon.co.uk £35 ( bargain)

After waiting for 9 days for official Arrma spare parts ( body mounts & front suspension arms) from wheelspinmodels.co.uk I have found it quicker & cheaper to order these parts from amazon.com. These parts came from america but were delivered quickly 3-6 days and were cheaper.


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