Raider Upgrading to full metal gears & increasing durability!


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Hey all

I've been looking into upgrading my 2016 model XL Raider to full metal gearbox including metal motor mount. But when looking at the upgrades it isn't clear with everything I need to make this work.

What part numbers would I need to convert the diff to full metal and mount the metal motor plate? For example do I need a different gearbox set that is compatible with the metal motor mount?

In the end I wish to make my Raider as durable and long lasting as possible.
I've already installed proline aluminium shocks and I've installed the aluminium chassis plates. I also have STRC parts coming for the front steering knuckles and hinge pins blocks and rear Hub carriers.
And finally I've installed a T-Bone front and rear bumper.

Any suggestions on upgrades would be great!