Kraton V2 Servo and Servo Horn


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AR340061 25T servo horn from V1 kraton will not fit Savox SC-1256TG or other 25T servos. Too tight of a fit. This horn is all black with no markings

The 25T servo horn from my V2 Typhon is marked with white "25T" and does fit Savox and Futaba 25T servos.

The ADS-15M (AR390139) is now marked as V2.

I have tried to order the V2 servo horn marked with "25T" from tower hobbies but they keep sending the wrong version. They could not tell me if a running change to the servo and servo horn parts was made.
The part numbers are the same but the V1 and V2 parts are not interchangeable.

I finally gave up and used a 25T clamping servo horn from Team Associated.

Was wondering if anyone else has had same issue or any info on the V1 and V2 parts with same part numbers.